Photography by Aigli

The door opens as the shutter of a camera…

and somehow magically, the first gift I remember from my childhood was in my hands… a camera. A favorite game which later became the means to imprint on paper everything special and unique.

My big journey in this wonderful world, started in 2000 with seminars on artistic photography and five years later, my first professional job made this journey full of meaning and substance. But this was only the beginning, because all this magical world of photography started slowly to unfold in front of me. The past and the future became one and the present is full of images…

Wedding and baptism photos, portraits, full of not only the protagonist’s love but also the love of whom is behind the camera lens.

Your one and only story… A story that will not be limited to the narration of our grandparents but will be full of pictures.

Aigli Megarchioti – Artistic Photography

Let’s capture together your own photo story, no matter how far you are, and keep each and every special moment of yours alive forever.


Artistic Photography & Cinematography: Wedding, Baptism, Events

Artistic Photography: Portrait, Pregnancy, Newborn, Product

Food Photography